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CA & ITA Tax Exemption


Green Technology Incentive

Minimize carbon footprint by using solar to enjoy tax incentives from the government.

Under the provision of Budget 2014, tax incentives for Green Technology in the form of Green Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) for the purchase of green technology assets and Income Tax Exemption (ITE) on the use of green technology services and system were introduced to further strengthen the development of green technology.

Application for incentive is to be submitted to MIDA for green technology projects and services, and to Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (MGTC) for purchase of green technology assets as listed in MyHijau Directory, by 31 December 2023. Projects which qualify for this incentive are renewable energy; energy efficiency; integrated waste management and green building / green data centre. In addition, eligible services activities include system integration of renewable energy; energy services; services related to green building / green data centre; green certification of products, equipment & building; and green township.

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