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Why Choose Brilliant Solar ?


Brilliant, is a PV solar professional installer company. We started our business in August 2008 using SolarPro Enterprise to enter Solar Industries and later incorporated as a private limited company in March 2014 as Brilliant Solar Sdn. Bhd.

Our company experience in installing quality solar systems which best suit to homeowners, businesses, industries and solar farms. We did numerous projects from northern to southern region over peninsular Malaysia. Our solar PV systems are designed with superior performance for maximum energy yield because we believe quality build on trust.


BRILLIANT’s Expert Teams
We have our own licensed & experienced expertise to customize the PV system for each unit to ensure maximum performance output. We provide quality PV systems training from professional engineers to ensure every single staff are well trained to perform their daily job.


Besides, we have a strong support team After-sale Service and we provide maintenance and servicing as well. Such as PV panels washing, services, On-site system inspection, System diagnostics and performance tuning, System health check, Preventive maintenance yearly basis to make sure the system run as great as brand new over the time.
 Qualified ISPQ persons (Certified & licensed solar design & installation)
 GCPV certified company registed with SEDA
 Qualified SURUHANJAYA persons (PW4)
 Licensed Electricians by Suruhanjaya Tenaga
 Professional Engineers
 Professional Site Analyzer
 Experienced Site Supervisor
 Experienced and Trained Engineers for both large & small systems installation.
 Strong support, maintenance & service teams
 Fully support from principle and suppliers


BRILLIANT’s Unique, Full-Service Approach
brilliant dedicates ourselves in solar development. We perform directly with entire process, from permitting through installation, and provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance services, so that we can uphold superior quality and environmental standards at every stage.

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